Our Story

We're Missy and Jason.  We met in graduate school at Tulane University in 1995.  We became great friends but didn't start dating until June 9, 2001.  We were married January 18,2003.  It was our heart's desire to have a big family.

We began our "trying to conceive" journey in August of 2005 (in fact, our little ttc vacation coincided with the landing of Hurricane Katrina - maybe we should have known there'd be problems!).  By the next spring, I was taking Clomid under the supervision of my OB-GYN.  Three rounds and no pregnancy.  We were referred to a reproductive endocrinologist by the end of that summer.

We started off with a round of tests and then began "basic treatment".  Three more rounds of Clomid plus IUI and then four rounds of injectable medications plus IUI occupied us until the beginning of 2008.

We then began our IVF journey...

We began our first IVF cycle in January 2008.  We found out I was pregnant in early February, and our Michael was born November 1, 2008.

He is now 2 years old and so full of joy and laughter.   Our desire is to give him a baby brother and/or baby sister.

So, after his first birthday, we began the IVF process again...

We began our second IVF round in November 2009.  On December 9th, we found out I was pregnant.  Unfortunately, at the 8 week ultrasound we found out there were no heartbeats.  It has been devastating for us.  I participated in a pregnancy loss Bible study with sweet women all over the country who have been through the same thing.  As part of our healing journey, we were asked to make a video memorial.  For the purpose of healing we did name the babies, Holly and Ivy.  Here is our memorial (it takes a few moments to load)....

Six months later, in July 2010, we did another cycle.  Unfortunately, there were major problems during the retrieval surgery.  We did not conceive.  We are currently on our 4th cycle (December 2010).