Sunday, June 27, 2010

Day 3.

Well, tonight we open the box and start the injectable medications. We try to do them at the same time every night, so 9pm usually works best... Michael's in bed and we have time to focus. I'm really lucky that Jason sort of likes to give me the shots. It gives him an opportunity to be part of the process. I can give them to myself if I have to, but it takes me a while to work up the nerve. Something about sticking a needle (even a small one) into your stomach is just unsettling.

It's been an unusually quiet Sunday for us... lots of naps and relaxing and I think it's been perfect to settle our hearts. I know my heart will flutter with that first shot... it is always a big reality check. Yep, we're really doing this!

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  1. So excited to be able to follow this all!! I've been dying to FB and see what numbers are and how things are looking, but I don't want to stalk!!!!

    Praying for a successful cycle and a precious little miracle in about 9 months!!!!